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Monday, June 23, 2008


As I watched the development surrounding the US beef for the past two months, I have come to realize once again the dangers of groupthink and how easy it is for people to get caught up in the mob mentality. As the discord over the US beef issue grew, it became very clear very quickly to me that these protets would get out of hand and it was matter of when and not if. As the groupthink mentality started to take over, it very quickly became an us vs. them propsition. So, anyone who, in the eyes of the protesters, did not support the cause instantly became public enemy number one. Recently, this groupthink mentality has gotten to the point of criminal. The highlight is the recent netizens' movement to boycott companies who advertise in the three main South Korean newspapers, the Chosun, Dong-A and JoongAng dailies. This movement, however, has degenerated from a consumer movement to criminal cyber and telephone terrorism.

I came across an op-ed piece written by the former President Kim Dae-Joong today titled A Lone Protest Against the Protests and I could not agree with him more. You must understand...this is by no means a normal thing for me...to agree with the former president, but on this one, I fully agree with him.