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Monday, February 8, 2010

Joint Statement by the North Korean Ministry of People's Security and Ministry of State Security

The North Korean Ministry of People's Security and Ministry of State Security issued a joint statement yesterday (February 08, 2010) entitled: "Will Mercilessly Squash Anti-Republic Fanatics Who Attempt to Harm Our Highly Dignified System and the Country's Security" while the inter-Korean talks were being held in Kaesong, North Korea, to discuss the resumption of the Mount Kumgang and City of Kaesong tours - a foreign currency cash cow for Kim Jong-il.

The statement claimed North Korea has a secret strike force to counter what it called "South Korean plots" to topple its regime.

The statement also criticized efforts by the South's military to defend the disputed Yellow Sea (West Sea) border - the Northern Limit Line - and "reckless" operations to destabilize the North.

It said, without elaborating, "We have world-level ultra-modern striking force and means for protecting security which have neither yet been mentioned nor opened to the public in total."

The North Korean state media released the statement both in Korean and in English. The Korean version was released on air via Korean Central Broadcasting Station, and the English version was released via Korean Central News Agency.

The timing and the contents of the statement suggests externally it was a tactical negotiation package that was designed to provide North Korea maneuver room in inter-Korean and international negotiations. Internally, as with numerous other statements of this kind, it was designed to assure the people the regime has everything under control and justify the regime's military and nuclear policies by pointing out the necessity of these policies due to threats posed to the North from those pesky South Korean sycophants and the American imperialists.

hmm....new statement....same old theme....

As we mentioned above, there were two versions of the statement - one in Korean released on the Korean Central Broadcasting Station, and one in English released on the Korean Central News Agency. We have uploaded both versions (to include the original Korean text) and we also compared the two versions to identify any differences.

Click here for the Korean text of statement (KCBS).
Click here for the English translation of the statement (KCBS).
Click here for the KCNA version of the statement released in English.
Click here for the comparison of two versions.

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